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Mission and Vision

THE BIOHACKING VILLAGE, a 501(C)3 organization, (EIN:83-3941279), is uniquely poised to inform global conversations in health care cybersecurity research. The Biohacking Village brings forth compelling issues in emerging biotechnology, regulations, medical and pharmaceutical manufacturing, cybersecurity, and citizen science. We have been a platform for pursuing greater depth in the bioeconomy, exploring new avenues for collaborations, and innovation. Our participants and attendees include: patients, clinicians, hackers, manufacturers, regulators, hospital administrators, and others seeking healthier futures through meaningful technology. This community delivers hands-on, strident learning labs to influence healthcare, industry, and manufacturing.


Healthier Tech for Healthier People.


Bring the forefront of citizen science and biomedical cybersecurity to deliver action-oriented, safer care delivery in an increasingly IoT, digitally connected, and interoperable healthcare ecosystem.


We collaborate and build trusting relationships with key senior stakeholders at medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers, healthcare delivery organizations, regulatory  and governmental bodies, and the security researcher community. By maintaining the pulse on the biomedical ecosystem and healthcare industry and trends among key external groups, we identify opportunities to collaborate on common objectives to improve patient outcomes.


We are keen on finding partners and senior stakeholders who are interested in supporting and growing with us. We provide an environment for industry partners, government officials, security researchers, citizen scientists, and other leading experts to participate in discussions that focus on equity, excellence, participation, respect, integrity, leadership, science and innovative  solutions.

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