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Frances M. Romero-Torres, Esq.


Attorney supporting and providing legal counsel and education on policy, contracting and human resource matters for legal compliance, cyber law, risk mitigation and incident response planning. Serves as independent outside counsel as part of incident response. She is an experienced litigator with more than 15 years of practice, within governmental, military and private sector.


The field of cyber law extends beyond jurisdictional, geographic and terrestrial boundaries. The digital age has not only transformed our terrestrial world but has also extended its reach to outer space. This presentation aims to examine the dynamic and ever-changing field of cyber law, with a specific focus on its application in space-related cyber capabilities, environmental law through the use of space satellites, and the implications of cyber law in preventing international conflicts. Topics include: 1. analysis of the legal frameworks governing space-related cyber capabilities and their implications for international space activities; 2. the intersection of cyber law and environmental law, focusing on the use of space satellites for environmental monitoring, climate change research, and natural resource management; 3. the role of cyber law in preventing international conflicts in cyberspace and its implications for global security; and 4. key challenges faced by legal systems in effectively addressing cyber threats and conflicts in the space and environmental domains. By analyzing the legal frameworks, professionals from all fields, particularly non-attorney practitioners, can contribute to the existing body of knowledge on cyber law by providing input into technological applications and educate policy making. This call for action seeks to contribute to the audience's understanding of the complex legal challenges and opportunities that arise in the digital age. The presentation will shed light on the effectiveness of current legal frameworks and propose recommendations for enhancing cyber law to address emerging threats and technological advancements in these domains.

Frances M. Romero-Torres, Esq.
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