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J Wolfgang Goerlich


J. Wolfgang Goerlich is a hacker and an Advisory CISO. Prior to this role, he led IT and IT security in the healthcare and financial services verticals. Wolfgang has held senior positions at several consulting firms, leading security advisory and assessment practices. He is an active part of the security community, co-founding and organizing communities and conferences. Wolfgang regularly advises on the topics of security architecture and design, identity and access management, zero trust, and resilience.


Security operations are in trouble. In this talk, we look back to the last major technological upheaval for lessons on handling this one. Back to the rise of electricity, back when the World’s Fair predicted tomorrow. This session covers building internal support, handling disruptive trends, determining when to roll your own, and letting go of the past. The toaster has much to say about the SOC.

J Wolfgang Goerlich
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