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Mike Landeck


Mike Landeck is a security researcher, educator, and analyst who has led the security implementation and then operationalized two of the country’s largest cloud-based healthcare IT projects. Mike has been responsible for the overall security of systems with financial transactions of over $4 billion per month, as well as security programs regulated by HIPAA, SOX, PCI, FISMA (NIST 800-53) the IRS and FedRAMP. Mike is a frequent conference speaker and workshop presenter (including the first BSides Puerto Rico!), focusing on such topics as software security testing and security program management. 


During his research on how third-party tracking companies follow and collect data on people seeking mental health help online, researcher Mike Landeck has identified 187 different ways users and their browsers are tracked. Long gone are the days of just cookies and user agents. This talk will demonstrate how browsers are tracked, how to prevent it for yourself, and for those in AppSec, how to communicate the problems and solutions to your Security and Privacy Officers.

Mike Landeck
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