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Paul McCulloch-Otero


Paul McCulloch-Otero is a technologist and attorney specialized in the areas of data privacy, cybersecurity, and technology, in the healthcare and financial sectors. As a technologist, he served many roles including IT / Systems architect, DevOps, cybersecurity, management, and startup founder (exited 2017). His legal expertise is also exceptionally broad from a diversity of healthcare / finance Clients, as well as in-depth with in-house roles including just under four years serving contemporaneously as VP of IP & Technology Law, VP of Digital Compliance, and Committee Chief of Cybersecurity Compliance at JP Morgan Chase. He has spearheaded development work around the world, including at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, World Bank, and Office of the U.S. Secretary of State. He also has over a decade of experience in disaster recovery and resiliency work around the world, including Post-Maria disaster recovery.


This talk will focus on the existing and emerging federal and Puerto Rico legal frameworks for technology, privacy, and cybersecurity, that impact the development of healthcare and the healthcare supply chain on the island. This talk will focus on (i) key legal/compliance issues creating gaps / blockages in the supply chain (e.g. Jones Act for Maritime / Transportation, Luma for energy delivery, financing and tax considerations for Hospitals and physicians to deliver services; gov. v. municipal delivery issues; noncompliance with federal reporting standards precluding delivery assistance) and what is being done to remediate; (ii) using the law to secure the supply chain by improving (a) accountability: what are the responsible agencies / contractors and how can they be kept accountable both locally and at a federal level (e.g. using DOJ FCA or other enforcement mechanisms for transparency and delivery); (b) capacity: what are the tools that are being developed for those respective agencies / contractors to meet the industry need (e.g. PR Ley de Ciberseguridad; Politicas de PRITS; TechHub grants; etc…); (c) resources: What are the key actors and legal and regulatory resources available to the entire healthcare supply chain (e.g. who is doing what to fix all this in PR to establish a secure basis for a mature and reliable healthcare sector in PR).

Paul McCulloch-Otero
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