The Catalyst Lab provides the opportunity to interact with outstanding faculty, thought leaders and cutting edge experts in the biomedical industry who provide up-to-date advice and training in the developing field of translational medicine by fostering leadership, entrepreneurship, and commercialization activities.


How can we enhance our raw abilities, specific skills, overall health, or well-being? How can we usher in an age where we not only fix what is broken, but we make our world and ourselves, better? Just as early computer hackers challenged the status quo to discover the forefront of computing, we dare to create our own miracles from the raw materials of biotechnology with hands on prototyping, trainings, meet and greet with Venture Capital funders, and fireside chats throughout the day.


Our community of unapologetically enthusiastic innovators arise from maker communities with the dynamic perspective of emerging biology, technology, security, and human enhancement, we look to deliver the future.



When scientists from all walks of life come together at the DEF CON Biohacking Village the energy crackles and the ideas flow. The Catalyst Lab Workshops draws a cross-section of attendees who are keen to learn how to make, hack, and innovate biotechnology.

Code G.R.E.Y:

Facilitate intimate conversations between medical folks and  a member  of the Biohacking Village community about current topics, overlaps, and ways to create Greater Relationships Every Year (G.R.E.Y.)!

Research Competition:

The Biohacking Village will host a Research Competition, highlighting the best new ideas in biology, biotech, healthcare security, and other fields. The top three winners will receive funding to execute their research.

Venture Capital Conversations:

Meet and talk to a medical device VC firm to partner with for your company’s future. These relationships are as much about finding the right fit as it is about getting the best deal. A venture capital firm with connections and resources in your niche is an extremely valuable partner for funding, relationships, and knowledge.