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cybersecurity and biomedical technology research for healthcare

Saturday, August 12 at 12:40 PM

David Nathans & Ernest Liu

Medical VR

Siemens Healthineers leans into technology to bring medical devices closer to clinicians and more accessible for those that need the best medical attention.

Through our medical device cybersecurity program and our Virtual Reality training platform we can do just that.

For this session we will briefly talk about our programs and let interested individuals navigate our Virtual world or get hands on access to a mobile X-Ray system.


David Nathans currently serves as a Product Security Manager for Siemens Healthcare, where he specializes in building cybersecurity programs and security operation centers. Having previously held prominent positions in the defense, retail, managed security and healthcare industries, Nathans has a wealth of cybersecurity knowledge which he shares to help protect companies from this growing threat. His experiences and lessons learned also stem from his time building security programs at one of the largest breached retail companies in history as well as working all over the world as a Cyber-Operations Officer for the US Air Force.

Ernest Liu joined Siemens Healthcare in 1995 and has been instrumental in driving advancements in diagnostic imaging integration, particularly in ultrasound and X-ray devices, including Digital Breast Tomosynthesis. Over the past three years, he has focused on cybersecurity, working closely with healthcare providers to protect X-ray devices within healthcare enterprises. Ernest's expertise and commitment contribute significantly to enhancing the overall security posture of healthcare organizations.

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