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August 7 Keynote: Trust Talks - Nina Alli, Executive Director of the Biohacking Village, chats with Vee Schmitt, Yusuf Henriques, Devabhaktuni Srikrishna, Cannibal, Najla Lindsay, Josh O'Connor, Dr. Nathaniel DeNicola (FACOG) to get to the ground truth of what needs to be changed for improving the current US biomedical ecosystem.

August 7: Fireside Chat with Dr. Amy Abernethy (FDA) and Mohamed Ali (Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals)

August 7: Katie Doroschak Porcupine: Rapid and robust tagging of physical objects using DNA with highly separable nanopore signatures

August 7: Dena Mendelsohn and Jen Goldsack: Redefining patient safety in the digital era

August 7: Khatuna Mshvidobadze: Russian Cyber Threats in The Pandemic Era

August 7: Michelle Holko: Digital Health Technologies in the NIH All of Us Research Program

August 7: Chloe Messdaghi, Casey Ellis, Eirick Lurass: Medical Device Vulnerability Disclosure

August 7: Anthony DiFranco: Hacking the Insulin Supply Chain To Save Lives

August 7: Meg Doerr: Cybersecurity informed consent for medical devices

August 7: William Dougherty and Patrick Curry: INCLUDES NO DIRT: Threat Modeling for Healthcare

August 8: Keynote: Yong-Bee Lim: Understanding DIYBio and Community Labs - A Social Science Approach

August 8: Christian Dameff and Jeff Tully: How COVID19 Changed Our Understanding of Cyber Disaster Medicine

August 8: Vee Schmitt: Medical Technology: How do we unfuck things

August 8: Mitchell Parker, Florence D Hudson, Rob Suarez, Michael McNeil: Advancing Medical Device Security – How collaboration between providers, manufacturers, and pen testers is advancing what’s possible with security.

August 8: Bryson Bort and Nina Alli: MedICS

August 8: Sarah Blossom Ware: Towards an Institutional Review Board for Biohackers

August 8: Dr. Dina Truxius, Julian Sulede, Dr. Mike Rushanan: DIY Diabetics and a Million Boluses

August 8: The Red Dragon: Chinese Military Labratory Mission + COVID-19

August 8: Lucia Savage: What's up with proposed privacy legislation and how to influence the debate

August 9 Keynote: Seth Carmody: Why is Security Hard?

August 9:Andrea Downing: Infodemic: Threat models for patient communities on social networks

August 9: Kyle Erickson, Vee Schmitt, Natali Tshuva, Peter Morgan: How Independent Security Researchers work with Medical Device Manufacturers - The Bad, The Ugly & The Great (BUG)

August 9: Jack Twiddy: How to Grow a Brain in a Jar - Neuroengineering 101

August 9: Vidya Murthy: The Underestimated Threat Vector: Homogeneity

August 9: Mixael Laufer: Making Next Generation Drugs at Home

August 9Sam CervantesOpen Ventilator Remote Monitoring Project

August 9: Matt McMahon and Helen Negre: Securing Your Medical Device Network on a Shoestring Budget

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