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A global hackathon to found and explore the Internet-of-Ingestible-Things

What is the Internet-of-Ingestible-Things Hackathon?

This hackathon is a series of workshops bringing together experts from cybersecurity with medical device regulatory bodies and makers, to help design security for the "Internet-of-Ingestible-Things." Ingestible Things are internet-connected, ingestible medical devices such as smart gut-sensing pills.


Why the Internet-of-Ingestible-Things?

Studies show that our intestinal flora have the ability to combat disease, give us mental guidance, and in general keep us safe. We need to consider bio-cybersecurity early during medical design, now more than ever, as medical devices flood the market in response to COVID-19, which has only highlighted weakness in an overburdened healthcare system and in cyber-biosecurity supply chains. 

When and where is this happening?

Join us online and in your own Makerspace, home office, or lab in Spring 2021. 

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