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ETHICON C-CATS C-CAP – is a Medical Device Data System (Class I Low Risk Medical Device)

Picture - C-SATs New Case_01.png
Picture - C-SATs New Case_02.png
Picture - C-SATsCase_Bottom.3.png
Picture - C-SATsCase_Bottom.5.png

Video Recording & Upload Simple. Smart. Connected.


Select Surgeon & Procedure

• Add assisting surgeon, if applicable

• Provide any case context in “Notes” section, if desired

• Select “START”


Recording in Progress

• Toggle back and forth to designate the surgeon who is performing the step

• Provide additional case context, if desired

• Select “STOP” when case is complete


Assign Steps & Upload

• Assign step to primary or assistant as appropriate

• Select “UPLOAD” to submit case

Instructions for Use: Click Here for PDF

NMAP: Click Here for PDF

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