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cybersecurity and biomedical technology research for healthcare

Welcome Manufacturers

Thank you for your interest.
How your sponsorship benefits you, us and our communities

In order for us to continue working towards our mission and vision we need sponsorship and donations. Being a sponsor for our non-profit organization helps contribute to strive for the difference our healthcare ecosystem needs and your organization you will also gain the value of having the research community at your fingertips.

Intelligence and Community Access

- Direct and on-demand access to patients, healthcare providers, government agencies and regulators. The Biohacking Village community is a diverse group of motivated and curious individuals who represent a complete cross-section of the medical device care continuum- all with the shared focus of improving medical device cybersecurity.

- Receive periodic regulatory updates and influence future regulation.

As a US FDA endorsed organization (2019 #WeHeartHackers pledge) the Biohacking Village is engaged in medical device cybersecurity regulations and readily aware of new updates. Become a sponsor to gain access to this key source of intelligence.


Get ahead of disclosure

- Learn about potential vulnerabilities in an open and collaborative environment. Independent security researchers are constantly looking for vulnerabilities in medical devices. By participating in the Biohacking Village, you will be working directly with various security researchers and find out what they are working on next. You can provide access to your devices for evaluation and better align the discovery of vulnerabilities to a timeframe that matches your product development lifecycle. This can prove to be cost effective in the development of your devices.


Education and Giving back

- Improve employee perspectives and appreciation for the breadth of medical device cybersecurity through participation in the CTF and Device Lab. 

- The most common question at the Device Lab is “What does your device do?”

Community participants are first interested in how devices improve health and quality of life. It is only after they understand what a device does, that they may ask how it works. Participate in the Device Lab to provide product use and context to security researchers and the broader community.



- Medical device-focused Capture the Flag (CTF) - Test your skills and learn about medical device cybersecurity in a hands-on CTF that is designed and supported by experienced practitioners.

- Disclosure support (as a CVE numbering authority) - Allow the Biohacking Village to guide and facilitate the disclosure process, ensuring proactive communication with the security researcher and a seamless disclosure experience.

- Physician Advisory Panel - Facilitated and dedicated time to review your product security and ask questions to a panel of practicing healthcare providers under NDA.

- Mentorship Program - Close the talent gap by providing a paid internship for aspiring medical device cybersecurity resources.

Click on our Sponsorship Overview for further information.

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