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Nathan Case

FaFo: Laboratory Physical and ICS

Aug 12, 2023

4:10 PM

I will discuss real-world equipment hacks caused by nation-state actors attacking humans and ways to mitigate similar impacts. Examples will cover a range of laboratory equipment, including research labs and industrial manufacturing facilities. In this talk, we will explore the common causes of laboratory and OT equipment breaches caused by human error, including misconfiguration, misuse, and malicious actions. We will examine the potential consequences of such failures, including data loss, damage to equipment, and even injury. I will also present a range of strategies for preventing such issues, including implementing standard operating procedures with a security focus, using equipment monitoring systems, and adopting best practices for equipment architecture.

A passion for Incident Response, and operational security in all forms. Pushing the bounds of threat detection and response. Finding new thoughts and bringing them to the fields of security and technology.

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