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Nathan Case, Felicity Milman & Jorge Acevedo Canabal, MD

Table Top

Aug 13, 2023

10:00 AM

Medical Records, Procurement, and Manufacturing have always been a major part of the biomedical, pharmaceutical, and laboratory technology industry and critical infrastructure. As we edge closer to the regulatory timelines, we need to look at the current landscape and its issues. If you enjoy thrillers, data, crime, and international espionage, Welcome to the 'Choose your own adventure: Healthcare and the International Syndicate of Turbulence' or 'Septic Homeostasis'.

Nathan Case: A passion for Incident Response, and operational security in all forms. Pushing the bounds of threat detection and response. Finding new thoughts and bringing them to the fields of security and technology.

Felicity is a cyberneticist who has been working on a range of technologies over many years and has graduate degrees in both psychology and engineering. She has worked on a range of projects from designing and patenting genetic tests, to developing hybrid human-AI chat bot systems, to developing educational AI games systems which are personalised to the learner. More recently she has been developing the complex systems curriculum for the Australian National University and developing cybersecurity simulation games for the National Security College, which have been played by numerous international governments.

Jorge Acevedo, MD.:

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