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Philips IGT-MoS Zenition

  • Four standard compact probe ports

  • Two Ethernet port

  • Two USB ports

  • One wireless network connection

  • X-ray system

  • NMap: Click Here for RAR file

X-ray generation X-ray generator

  • Monoblock 80 KHz high frequency generator 

X-ray tube

  • Rotating Anode (tube) 

Maximum generator output

  • 15 kW 

Connectivity Video in

  • S-Video, DVI (digital and analog), SDI 


  • Optional 

Digital video out (optional)

  • 2 DVI connectors left and right monitor 

USB storage

  • PNG, MP4, BMP 

Advanced DICOM/IHE package (optional)

  • Modality Worklist Management, Modality Performed Procedure Step Storage 

Philips Intrasight.webp

Intrasight Overview: Click Here for PDF

Intrasight Data Sheet: Click Here for PDF

Nmap XML: Click for Document

Image Guided Therapy Device: Intrasight

  • 4 USB Type A ports

  • DVI Video 1

  • DP Video 2

  • PS 2 Mouse

  • PS 2 Keyboard

  • ECG Input

  • Pressure Input

  • 4 Ethernet ports


The IntraSight applications platform is where imaging, physiology, co-registration* and software all come together to clearly identify coronary and peripheral artery disease, and allow for more optimized treatment plans. IntraSight is built on a new foundational platform designed to meet the evolving needs of your lab today and tomorrow.

UI photo.jpg
Philips ISPM 6.0

Philips ISPM 6.0

Type: SaaS 


Nmap: Click here for PDF


IntelliSpace Precision Medicine is cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) hosted on Health Suite Digital Platform (HSDP). It provides service-based precision medicine applications with additional capability extensions through a collection of configurations. It enables capturing discrete clinical and genomic data. It enables storage of variants, annotations, clinical interpretation and optional treatments. ISPM collects and consolidates actionable patient information.

EPIQ 7.jpg
EPIQ 7 Ultrasound
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