Catalyst Lab


Our community of unapologetically enthusiastic innovators arise from maker communities with the dynamic perspective of emerging biology, technology, security, and human enhancement, we look to deliver the future. 

The Catalyst Lab works to convene thought leaders, hacktivists, citizen scientists, and manufacturers from across the biomedical industry to investigate solutions-of-best-fit for the world's largest, meatiest problems as they enter the Biohacking Village.


Lee Cyborg

Community Leader, Educator & Technologist

Working in experimental technology with a background in wearable tech, cybernetics, academic research, and creative technology.

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Jasmine Jackson

Security Researcher | Adjunct Professor | Content Creator | Blogger | Hacker of ALL THE THINGS

AppSec in Healthcare: Workshop

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Alice Stewart

creative technologist, hardware hacker, founder & educator based in the European Union 🇪🇺

Sex / Intimate Tech workshop

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