Call for Devices

The Biohacking Village: Device Lab has opened its Call for Devices forto put medical devices in the hands of security researchers, in our high-trust, high-collaboration environment. The Call for Devices will be open from February 20 to April 15.


This Call is open to medical device manufacturers, academic institutions, healthcare delivery organizations, and individual security researchers.


Once you submit, we will contact you within 5 days with any questions. Submitters' information may remain cloaked, at your request.


Once we have agreed on whether and how to acquire the device, the Device Lab will coordinate with the manufacturer to assist in creating a safe and realistic testing environment.


Some ways for your devices to participate are:

  • We are partnering with the Cal Poly California Cyber Innovation Challenge (CCIC) to bring devices to their statewide high school cybersecurity competition in June.

  • Our Capture the Flag (CTF) at DEF CON, will drive participants to get ahead of adversaries, with scenario-driven gameplay in a realistic healthcare environment.

  • We will facilitate security researcher access to medical devices at DEF CON, to discover potential security issues and report them to manufacturers in good faith.


To sSubmit a device, contact us at by or email


We are looking for the following types of devices, and are open to suggestions for other types of devices that may also work well in the Village.


  • Registration / EMR

  • Room Environmental and Temperature

  • Wristband printer



  • Lab Work Machine

  • Blood Bank



  • Automated Medication Dispensary

  • Specimen Refrigerator (Cold Chain)

  • Medication Making Machine



  • MRI

  • X-Ray

  • CT Scanner

  • PACS



  • Sterilization Machine / Autoclave

  • Surgical Robot

  • Anesthesiology Machine

  • Oxygen Delivery

  • Cauterization



  • Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Pulse Oxygen Monitor

  • Scale

  • Glucose Monitor

  • Infusion/IV/Chem/PCA pump

  • Baby Warmer

  • Fetal heart monitor

  • Pacemaker/ICD

  • Neurostimulator


Novel Technologies

  • AI enabled tech

  • ML/AI over clinical documentation

  • Software as a Medical Device (SaMD)


To Submit a device, fill out our Call for Devices form or email