By prioritizing research, we codify the most secure healthcare future for us all.

Table Top Exercises (TTX)

Unifying the world's biohackers, medical device manufacturers, and leading industry voices to produce meaningful work on shared issues, we research initiatives, investigate, and identify the future conflicts, needs, and system capacities. Our compilations often include analyses, recommended actions, and immediate vulnerability tasks. 


This year we teamed up with H-ISAC and BIO-ISAC to create TableTop Exercises of increasing complexity and difficulty regarding vulnerabilities. Participate in a series of Machiavellian healthcare industry scenarios with RedDragon1949.​

Once accepted, you will receive a calendar invitation with details of the event.

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Experience 'Deus Ex Machina', impact on medical devices and their impact on connected clinical environments and patients

'Biologia et Machina': focus on bio-manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and laboratory equipment and their impact on this new critical infrastructure environment