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Breaking Boundaries: Popping Shells in the Airgap with $10 and a Dash of Arduino

Friday, Aug. 9
1500-1530 PDT
Creator Stage 2

Daniel Beard

Abstract & Bio


Many medical devices are “not connected to a network”, so let’s bring our own! This talk will teach you how to create a BadUSB device that can wirelessly execute payloads on “airgapped” systems like medical devices that aren’t connected to the internet. WIth only $10 of off-the-shelf hardware and some basic arduino code you too can start popping shells in the device lab.


Daniel is a software engineer and entrepreneur specializing in medical device cybersecurity. He founded MedISAO and Cyberprotek, both acquired by MedCrypt in 2020. His expertise includes vulnerability management, and designing secure devices in a regulated environment.

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