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Biohacking Village

cybersecurity and biomedical technology research for healthcare



April 12 & 13, 2024

BSides Puerto Rico

Convention Center District: San Juan, Puerto Rico 

August 9 - 10, 2024


Las Vegas, NV

Past Conferences


  • Hack The Capital: Mitre, McLean, VA

  • Redacted: Biomedical Warfare

  • WISP: Pre DEF CON Prep

  • DEF CON: Las Vegas, NV

  • ICS Village: Medical in Maritime               Infrastructure: Las Vegas, NV

  • 2nd European Cybersecurity Skills Conference, ENISA: Segovia, Spain

  • Chilean Conference for Cybersecurity for Healthcare: UNAB, Santiago, Chile 

  • Saintcon : Provo, Utah

  • Siemens-Healthineers: New Jersey

  • DEF CON: Las Vegas, NV

  • United Nations Biological Weapons Convention: Delhi, India

  • Cyber Med Summit: San Diego, CA

  • InfraGard Healthcare: New York, NY

  • CyberMed Summit: San Diego, CA



  • Health Datapalooza

  • Essence of Wonder

  • DiMe Webcast

  • Design of Medical Devices (DMD)

  • DEF CON: Las Vegas, NV

  • BIPARTISAN COMMISSION ON BIODEFENSE: Biologia et Machina: Cyberbiosecurity for Today’s Hybrid Evolution

  • RSA: San Francisco, CA

  • Bace Cybersecurity Institute

  • DEF CON: Las Vegas, NV

  • 8dot8: Santiago, Chile

  • Cerner TechTalks

  • GrayHat: Austin, TX

  • WiCSME: Kuwait

  • GreyGreen: Boston

  • IOxT: virtual



  • FDA CyberSecurity Workshop: Silver Springs, MD

  • BDYHAX: Austin, TX

  • InfoSec World (Keynote): Orlando, FL

  • HITB: Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Harvard University: Boston, MA

  • Cyber Week: Tel Aviv, Israel

  • FDA Patient Engagement: Gaithsburg, MD

  • TechConnect: Washington, DC

  • DPharm: Boston, MA

  • DEF CON: Las Vegas, NV

  • NYNJCSC: New York, NY

  • H2HC: São Paolo, Brasil

  • HITB: Abu Dhabi, UAE

  • Infragard Medical Security Conference: New York, NY

  • InfoWorld Security Conference: Orlando, FL

  • BSidesKC: Kansas City, MO

  • LiveWorx: Boston, MA

  • DEF CON: Las Vegas, NV

  • HACKNYC: New York, NY

  • H2HC: São Paulo, Brazil



  • CYPHERCON: Milwaukee, WI

  • ANDSEC: Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • 100kin10: New York, NY

  • Girls Who Code: New York, NY

  • ICS: Beijing, China

  • United Nations: New York, NY

  • Atlantic Council: Washington, DC

  • Global Cybersecurity Summit MIT: Boston, MA

  • DEF CON: Las Vegas, NV

  • 3D Dartmouth Device Development Symposium: Hanover, NH

  • H2HC: São Paulo, Brazil

  • Tianjin University: Tianjin, China

  • TriBeCa Film Festival Presents DEF CON + Mr. Robot: New York, NY

  • ANDSEC: Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • HOPE: New York, NY

  • DEF CON: Las Vegas, NV

  • Deus Ex: Sydney, Australia

  • Hackers vs CISOs: Santiago, Chile

  • 8dot8: Santiago, Chile

  • 8dot8: La Paz, Bolivia


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