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Device Lab Biohacking Village

Device Lab

The Device Lab is highly-collaborative environment where security researchers test medical instruments, applications, and devices in real-time from participating Medical Device Manufacturers. Any potential issues are reported directly to the manufacturer, and coordinated vulnerability disclosures are produced.

As part of their product security programs, their proactive initiatives to test their products, and to enhance the cybersecurity of their medical technologies, select medical device makers are teaming up with the Biohacking Village.


These manufacturers are inviting security researchers to learn and to test their products in dedicated spaces set aside for them. Their staff will answer questions, educate researchers, and triage any potential security issues. Researchers who perform testing should expect to follow the manufacturers’ published coordinated vulnerability disclosure policy and report any potential issues found so they can be addressed. Security researchers must sign the Hippocratic Oath for Hackers and agree to the framework of boundaries and rules of engagement during and post conference engagement. 


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