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Catalyst Lab Biohacking Village

Catalyst Lab

How can we enhance our raw abilities, specific skills, overall health, or well-being? How can we usher in an age where we not only fix what is broken, but we make our world and ourselves, better?

The Catalyst Lab works to convene thought leaders, hacktivists, citizen scientists, and manufacturers from across the biomedical industry to investigate solutions-of-best-fit for the healthcare problems as they enter the Biohacking Village. 

Providing interaction with thought leaders from the medical device and citizen science communities through training and hands-on workshops and solutions design, to cover the entirety of the biomedical device and security ecosystem.

To meet demand for growth of the biomedical ecosystem, across all levels of cybersecurity, biologics, information technology, and citizen science, BHV offers university-level courses to allow participants to prepare for next generation careers in biohacking.  Through renowned faculty and a global classroom, the Catalyst Lab provides experiential workshops, tabletop exercises, networking, workforce development, and solutions design for the entire biomedical device and security ecosystem. 

2023 Speaker, Workshop & Table Top Schedule 

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