The Speaker Lab inspire the audience by fostering critical thinking, problem solving, informational and human interaction literacy skills, ethics, creativity, discussion, and collaboration. We have added more subject matter experts and researchers to reflect the dynamic changes in the ecosystem.

Instruction for Submitters:

Like all hackers, we are looking to subvert the dominant paradigm...of life itself. Your talk should excite, elucidate, enlighten, and engage participants in the technical, mechanical, procedural, and human side of biohacking by meeting people where they are, scientific integrity, and respect for human life with a call to action.


Significance – Is your project significant to the biohacking and scientific community? Does it add value, for either scientific, technological, ethical, cultural, or artistic purposes?


Originality – Is your project an original work, or at least sufficiently different from the work it builds on? (Exceptions can be made, especially for introductory & educational 101 talks.)


Scientific rigor – Was the project conducted in accordance with the scientific method?

Are less-scientific aspects of the topic acknowledged as such? If you’re not making any scientific claims, does your technology actually work? Or, if it was a failure, is it acknowledged as such with a detailed and interesting description of lessons-learned?


Coolness – Extra points will be given for the “cool” factor. We want to be wowed. We want our jaws to drop in wonder. We want to be blown away with the inspiring possibility that you have made reality. Amaze us.


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