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Bridging Space and Medicine

Saturday, Aug. 10
1000-1100 PDT
Creator State 2

Fernando De La Peña Llaca

Abstract & Bio


In the vast expanse of space, holographic teleportation—a futuristic blend of holography and teleportation—has revolutionized astronaut communication. Imagine beaming a lifelike 3D image of yourself across light-years. Now, consider its potential in medicine: remote surgeries, expert consultations, and training—where distance dissolves, and expertise transcends borders. Buckle up; holoconnect is our cosmic ticket to healing!


For 28 years, Fernando De La Peña Llaca has steered Aexa Aerospace with unwavering leadership. His passion for space exploration, combined with Aexa's cutting-edge expertise, has propelled the company to remarkable heights. Here's how his visionary leadership transformed Aexa into a Federal Contractor for prestigious entities:

1. NASA Collaboration: - Aexa's journey began with a shared vision for space. Fernando's commitment to NASA's mission led to strategic partnerships. - As an undergraduate, he patented a groundbreaking spacecraft engine fueled by anti-matter—an innovation that caught NASA's attention.

2. Defense and Industry Giants: - Aexa's portfolio expanded to include the US Department of Defense. Fernando's leadership secured contracts with industry titans: - Lockheed Martin: Collaborating on cutting-edge aerospace projects. - Aerojet Rocketdyne: Advancing propulsion technologies. - Teledyne Brown, KBR, and Thales Defense: Key partners in space exploration.

3. Influential Roles: - As former President of the National Contract Management Association (NCMA) Space City Houston chapter at NASA JSC, Fernando shaped contract management practices. - His chairmanship of the Johnson Space Center Small Business Council fostered collaboration and growth.

4. Community Engagement: - Fernando's impact extends beyond contracts. He serves on the Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership Board of Directors (BAHEP), driving regional space initiatives. - As aerospace liaison for the Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce, he bridges industry and community interests.

5. Defense Industrial Base Leadership: - Fernando's role as Chief of the Infragard Defense Industrial Base SIG underscores his commitment to national security. - The Defense Industrial Base Sector, vital for military readiness, benefits from his expertise.

6. Awards and Recognition: - The Small Business Champion of the Year Award from the Small Business Administration celebrates his impact. - NASA's Innovation of the Year Group Award 2022 further validates Aexa's contributions. Fernando De La Peña Llaca's legacy is etched in the stars—a testament to visionary leadership and unwavering dedication to space exploration. 🚀🌟

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