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cybersecurity and biomedical technology research for healthcare

Saturday, August 12 at 3:30 PM

Arthur Paixão
& Diego Mariano

Enhancing Cybersecurity Resilience in the Brazilian Healthcare Sector:
A Novel Red Team and Blue Team Methodology

This paper presents a novel methodology that combines red team and blue team exercises to enhance cybersecurity resilience in the Brazilian healthcare sector. The methodology is designed to go beyond the traditional roles of red teams and blue teams. It incorporates threat injection exercises with a newly created prioritization method, training the Red Team to assist the CSIRT in responding to incidents and creating a new role for the Red Team. Additionally, a new technique called Offensive Intel monitors the threat landscape of competitors and provides insights on how to protect our own landscape. The methodology also incorporates techniques to deal with VIP patient data and policies to control staff curiosity. Some real-life use cases will be presented to evidence the effectiveness of the methodology. One such use case involved an almost successful attempt to destroy medical equipment during a penetration testing exercise and how to not do it again. Another one presents vulnerabilities identified in air conditioning controllers, EMR systems, and exam results systems that are used in the entire country. And two incidents that were successfully contained with the help of threat injection and offensive intel. The methodology's effectiveness also led to the inference of the Brazilian TOP 10 Vulnerabilities in the Healthcare Sector, based on findings across systems used throughout the country. The list provides insights into the most critical vulnerabilities facing healthcare institutions in Brazil and will be presented at the conference. The vulnerabilities were categorized by the degree of harm they can inflict on patients and the impact on healthcare services. The methodology's results also drove to the development of a tool that assists other cybersecurity teams in conducting safe red and blue team exercises in the healthcare sector. The tool augments cybersecurity resilience by improving the capabilities of CSIRT and threat intel teams and is valuable to other cybersecurity professionals in the industry. In conclusion, the novel methodology provides a unique approach to enhancing cybersecurity resilience in the Brazilian healthcare sector. The incorporation of threat injection exercises, Offensive Intel, and a new role for the Red Team offers a comprehensive and effective approach that goes beyond traditional red team exercises. The methodology and tool can be replicated and the approach's effectiveness has been demonstrated through real-life use cases and the creation of the TOP 10 Vulnerabilities in the Healthcare Sector in Brazil. By adopting this methodology, healthcare institutions in Brazil and around the world can better protect patient data and improve cybersecurity resilience.


Diego: In cybersecurity for 20 years, currently holding the CISO position at Albert Einstein Hospital. Beyond professional dedication, a passionate practitioner of kriya yoga and meditation. 

Arthur: 14 years of experience, possesses expertise in offensive security and threat intelligence in the financial and healthcare sectors.

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