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cybersecurity and biomedical technology research for healthcare

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Chilean Conference 
for Healthcare

A pioneering event that brings together industry leaders, academia, and government to address the operational technology challenges and opportunities in healthcare cybersecurity sector.

This event is sponsored by the Biohacking Village.

The Biohacking Village brings forth compelling issues in emerging biotechnology, regulations, medical and pharmaceutical manufacturing, cybersecurity, and citizen science. By maintaining the pulse on the biomedical ecosystem and healthcare industry and trends among key external groups, we identify opportunities to collaborate on common objectives to improve patient outcomes. 

Sponsorship is still needed for event held in April 2024.

Being a sponsor for our 501c3 not for profit organization's work helps contribute to strive for the solutions the healthcare and biomedical ecosystem (or bioeconomy) needs and your organization will have the value of the research community.

October 12, 2023

The talks will focus on giving direct presentations to board of directors and managers of health institutions, where the latest trends, best key practices, and strategies to guarantee the operation of secure digital infrastructure, and data protection in the healthcare ecosystem. Recognized experts will share their experience and knowledge, providing valuable insights and strategic guidance for industry leaders.

April 15, 2024

The Biohacking Village will present speakers that are subject matter experts and researchers sharing lived experiences and reflect the dynamic changes in the ecosystem.

They will foster critical thinking, problem solving, interaction, literacy skills, ethics, creativity, discussion, and collaboration.

April 16, 2024

Biohacking Village :

Capture the Flag - CTF

A scenario-driven Capture the Flag contest, pits teams of participants against adversaries and a clock, to protect human life and public safety. Participants compete against each other on both real and simulated medical devices.

Challenges will be tailored for all skill levels.

October 12, 2023


Google Maps 



Campus Casona de Las Condes,

Universidad Andrés Bello

Fernandez Concha 700, Las Condes




0815 - 0900


0900 - 0910

Welcome from VRA/VRIP/Rector

0910 -0930

Opening words

Victor Torres Jeldes, Health Superintendent. (Pending Confirmation).
Marco Antonio Álvarez, Chairman of the Board, Chilean Cybersecurity Alliance

0930 -1020



1020 - 1040

Coffee break

1040 - 1115

Talk 1 - Legislative agenda on cybersecurity and legal aspects strategies for the health sector in Chile.

Daniel Álvarez Valenzuela, National Cybersecurity Coordinator. Académico de la Facultad de Derecho, Universidad de Chile.

1115 - 1150

Talk 2 - Strategic development of capacities to face cutting-edge cyberthreats in the health sector.

Igal Neiman, Director, DTC Security

1150 - 1250

Table Top

Francisca Crispi (Colegio Médico), Marco Antonio Álvarez (Alianza Chilena de Ciberseguridad), Claudia Santa Ana (Microsoft), Carlos Bustos (Sonda), Daniel Álvarez Valenzuela (U. Chile), Igal Neiman (DTC Security), Speakers de Deloitte (por confirmar), Representante de Clínicas de Chile (por confirmar)

Moderator: Pablo Antillanca, Director Revista trendTIC

1250 - 1400


1400 - 1430

Talk 3 - Technologies, Platforms and Services for the safe digital transformation in Health
Claudia Santa Ana, Cybersecurity Lead, Microsoft Sudamérica Hispana

1430 - 1500

Talk 4 - Resilience against state-of-the-art threats in the health sector

Dr. Jorge Acevedo Canabal, Biohacking Village

1500 - 1515

Coffee break

1515 - 1545

Talk 5 - Protection of personal and clinical data in health institutions

Fernando Araya, CISO, Sistemas Expertos

1545 - 1615

Talk 6 - Education and training of human capital in the health sector for cybersecurity
Hernán Astudillo, Institute of Technology for Innovation in Health and Wellness, UNAB

Claudio Álvarez, Faculty of Engineering, Universidad de los Andes

1615 - 1630

Closing words
Mr. Kenneth Pugh, Senator of the Republic of Chile

1630 -1715

Cocktail Hour

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