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cybersecurity and biomedical technology research for healthcare

Manifest is a leader in the field of software supply chain security. Its flagship software bill of materials (SBOM) management platform automates the entire SBOM lifecycle management process to ensure that compliance with SBOM requirements (such as those posed by the FDA) are streamlined, accurate, and easy-to-use.


Manifest has been deployed by healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs), medical device manufacturers (MDMs), Fortune 500 companies, auto manufacturers, defense contractors, and other critical infrastructure enterprises to meet their FDA, DOD, EU, and US SBOM requirements, and has been awarded contracts with the United States Air Force and the US Department of Homeland Security. Our innovative platform has been called "the most forward-thinking capabilities" in the marketplace for SBOM management.


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SolaSec specializes in comprehensive medical device security testing. Their approach incorporates low-level hardware and embedded firmware, extending to higher levels of the software stack (e.g., supporting applications and cloud infrastructure). SolaSec’s phased penetration testing approach facilitates in-depth exploration of attack vectors on complex medical systems by leveraging a thorough understanding of the system's operation.

SolaSec not only conducts full-stack penetration testing, but also aids organizations in pinpointing vulnerabilities and seamlessly integrating solutions into their DevSecOps framework. SolaSec's deep knowledge in preparing organizations for regulatory submissions, including FDA compliance, positions them as a valuable third-party partner in the healthcare industry. Their commitment to end-to-end security solutions ensures that medical devices and their associated infrastructure meet the highest security standards while complying with regulatory requirements.


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