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Biohacking Village

cybersecurity and biomedical technology research for healthcare



Our pre-conference partnerships with industry-leading cybersecurity experts are designed to elevate the security of medical devices to new heights. By collaborating with Biohacking Village, these partnerships offer unparalleled opportunities for manufacturers to engage in comprehensive security assessments, advanced vulnerability testing, and the implementation of cutting-edge cybersecurity measures.  These dedicated teams are here to ensure your devices are fully secure and conference ready.

Manifest is a leader in the field of software supply chain security. Its flagship software bill of materials (SBOM) management platform automates the entire SBOM lifecycle management process to ensure that compliance with SBOM requirements (such as those posed by the FDA) are streamlined, accurate, and easy-to-use.


Manifest has been deployed by healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs), medical device manufacturers (MDMs), Fortune 500 companies, auto manufacturers, defense contractors, and other critical infrastructure enterprises to meet their FDA, DOD, EU, and US SBOM requirements, and has been awarded contracts with the United States Air Force and the US Department of Homeland Security. Our innovative platform has been called "the most forward-thinking capabilities" in the marketplace for SBOM management.


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SolaSec specializes in comprehensive medical device security testing. Their approach incorporates low-level hardware and embedded firmware, extending to higher levels of the software stack (e.g., supporting applications and cloud infrastructure). SolaSec’s phased penetration testing approach facilitates in-depth exploration of attack vectors on complex medical systems by leveraging a thorough understanding of the system's operation.

SolaSec not only conducts full-stack penetration testing, but also aids organizations in pinpointing vulnerabilities and seamlessly integrating solutions into their DevSecOps framework. SolaSec's deep knowledge in preparing organizations for regulatory submissions, including FDA compliance, positions them as a valuable third-party partner in the healthcare industry. Their commitment to end-to-end security solutions ensures that medical devices and their associated infrastructure meet the highest security standards while complying with regulatory requirements.


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Product Security Hub is a company specializing in medical device cybersecurity solutions for medical device manufacturers. ProdSecDesigner, our primary tool, provides a comprehensive suite of features to assist manufacturers in various aspects of product security across the total product lifecycle, while also offering end-to-end traceability in support of regulatory submissions and post-market cybersecurity management.  This includes inventory management, component documentation, threat analysis, cybersecurity requirement management, CVSS residual risk assessment, and CycloneDX SBOM import/export/editing capabilities. Additionally, ProdSecDesigner facilitates triaging vulnerabilities and documenting patches. With expertly crafted catalogs of threats and security requirements, medical device engineers can seamlessly integrate cybersecurity into their device development activities.


Product Security Hub aims to help address the growing cybersecurity concerns in the healthcare industry by providing tools and solutions to enhance the security posture of medical devices.



Medcrypt products and services are designed to meet the unique security needs of medical devices and help manufacturers comply with evolving regulatory requirements. Ensuring that medical devices are secure by design, Medcrypt offers both cutting-edge cybersecurity products and strategic consulting services. By partnering with Medcrypt, healthcare technology companies can streamline the go-to-market process for their new, life-saving connected technologies.

Our team of medical device experts is laser-focused on bringing proactive cybersecurity to the next generation of healthcare technology, providing benefits to business decision-makers through demonstrable return on security investment, and enabling engineers to achieve results today.

For Biohacking Village attendees, MedCrypt is offering a free 1 hour cybersecurity consultation and free trial of Helm for anyone looking to level up their product security program. Check out the offer:

  • Consultations include doc pre-review and SBOM analysis as well as general situation appraisal for upcoming FDA submission plans

  • Helm identifies and prioritizes vulnerabilities from SBOMs enabling teams to proactively monitor their devices for vulnerabilities


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