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Michael Aguilar (v3ga) - Principle Consultant - Secureworks Adversary Group

A Backdoor Into My Heart: Connected Medical Device Security in the 21st Century

Jan Nuñez

Neural Nets and Flying Saucers

Alberto J. Garcia Vera, MS

My Journey to successfully implement a Global Red Team Program

Gaspard Baye

Embracing Future Cybersecurity: Hacking Generative AI and Language Models with A.I. Red Teaming and Beyond

Mike Landeck

Betrayed by Your Browser: How Third-Party Tracking Systems Are Following You Online

Raae Wolfram

The Fax and the Furious: A Prescription for Modern Healthcare Data Exchange

Cándido López, MS Cybersecurity, OSCP, CRTO, PNPT, Sgt. CPD, Evolve Academy Instructor

The Struggle is Real: Embracing Challenges and Overcoming Obstacles in OSCP Preparation

Susan Peediyakkal

Foundations of Building a Threat Intelligence Program

Dr. Fatou Sankare

The Dark Side of AI: Unveiling Ethical Dilemmas

Antonio "Specter" Juanilla

Unlocking the Secret to Building a Fortified Software Development Lifecycle SDLC with Open Source Power


A passion for helping others turned towards helping others hack Government

Nannette Martínez

Nannette Martínez - Founder, Onboard Cyber

Will Baggett, CCEE, CFE

Conti Leaks and CARVER Analysis for Threat Intel Analysts

Paul McCulloch-Otero

Legal & Regulatory Considerations and Opportunities in Strengthening and Securing Healthcare Infrastructure and the Corresponding Supply Chain in Puerto Rico

José Fernández

Using containers to analyze malware at scale

Professor Roger "Mr. Fundamentals"

How to Build My First Cyber Virtual Home Lab (With NO Money)

Tom VanNorman co-founder ICS Village

The hidden lifeline of hospitals

Dontae Tyler, The Cyber Hygienist

Cyber Hygiene (Not your average Security Awareness Training)

Gabriel Schram, Senior Analyst, Cyber Fusion Center

Leveraging SOC Capabilities to Build Ransomware Resilience

Destiney M. Plaza, CISSP

I Spy With My Hacker Eye: How Hackers Use Public Info to Crack Your Creds

Omar A. Rivera Merced

Cyber Tabletop Exercises: Going Beyond the Compliance Checkmark

Frances M. Romero-Torres, Esq.

Evolving Landscape of Cyber Law:
Challenges and Opportunities in Space, Environment, and World Peace

Stefani Goerlich

The Authenticity Patch: Addressing Privacy and Security Concerns with Sexual Wellness Products

Ian Dávila

Threat-Informed Defense: The Balancing Act

Andy Dennis

Shift Down - Foundational Security with Internal Developer Platforms (IDP)

J Wolfgang Goerlich

We're Toast: Improve Security Operations using Lessons from Toaster History

Daniel Pastrana

Breaking Barriers Safely: Mastering Physical Penetration Testing in Healthcare Security

Dr. Aunshul Rege

Social engineering based cyberattacks in the health sector

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