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The KingFisher Apex Purification System is a versatile, high-throughput benchtop instrument used in laboratories. It automates the purification or isolation of DNA, RNA, proteins, and cells from various sources. The system employs magnetic particle processing, moving magnetic beads through 

key sample preparation steps: binding, washing, and elution¹². It's a powerful tool for streamlining sample prep workflows!

The KingFisher Apex Purification System finds applications in various laboratory workflows. Here are some common uses:


1. Nucleic Acid Purification: It efficiently isolates DNA and RNA from samples such as blood, tissues, and cultured cells. Researchers use it for genotyping, gene expression analysis, and sequencing.


2. Protein Purification: The system aids in protein purification by capturing and eluting target proteins. It's valuable for proteomics research and drug discovery.


3. Cell Isolation: Scientists can use the KingFisher Apex to separate specific cell populations, such as immune cells or stem cells, for downstream experiments.


4. Magnetic Bead-Based Assays: It supports various assays, including immunoassays, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISAs), and nucleic acid hybridization.


5. High-Throughput Screening: The system's automation capabilities make it ideal for large-scale screening of compounds or samples.

King Fisher Device
King Fisher Device
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