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cybersecurity and biomedical technology research for healthcare

Saturday, August 12 at 5:10 PM

Rian Phelps, Jillian Simons, LaTica Hammond & 
Lola Ajayi

Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality: What’s missing from the pie? When data privacy and security measures aren’t “baked” in from the beginning

Virtual reality and augmented reality are technologies that are the next frontier in healthcare and providing patient care. These technologies were originally developed for recreational use, specifically for gaming and recreation, but have quickly shown utility in advancing the efficiency and accuracy of providing patient care. This now leads to a host of challenges related to data privacy and security, as privacy-by-design was not a designing principle for these technologies. These tenants however, are necessary as patient data include Protected Health Information and Personal Identifying Information (PHI/PII) that would be financially lucrative and useful to a hacker. So now that these data privacy and security principles were not “baked in” to technology originally, how does one go about ensuring maximum security after the fact? What can be done moving forward to ensure maximum flexibility for the use of technology with the appropriate data and privacy security measures “baked in”?

C.A.R.B. is a joint collaboration between the Black women founders of Creative Riot (Rian), Aurora (Jillian), Ray-Lynn Group (LaTica), and Baralaj (Lola). Rian Phelps, MSC, is a passionate lifelong educator with over 10 years experience as an instructional designer and eLearning consultant. She is also a Navy veteran with degrees in psychology and neuroscience. Jillian Simons, JD, has deep expertise in consumer rights and corporate obligations relating to data privacy and security. Her entrepreneurial efforts focus on the future of whole-person wellness using digital and analog channels that prioritizes privacy. LaTica Hammond, MS, is a servant leader, 23-year Navy veteran and cybersecurity/space intelligence professional. She has worked in information and privacy protection advising DoD on innovative solutions to secure freedom of access and the secure flow of information within cyber and space domains. Lola Ajayi, MS, MBA, has over 15 years of policy and regulatory experience within the healthcare industry. Working in an industry where her colleagues did not look like her, she founded BaraLaj coaching, to empower women with the tools and skills to be fully in control of their careers.

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