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Omar A. Rivera Merced


Omar's career began in the US Navy as a Defensive Cyber Operator, where he gained foundational expertise in cybersecurity in different assignments across different federal agencies and initiatives. Following his military service, Omar transitioned to the corporate sector, contributing at DXC Technology before moving to Evertec.

At Evertec, his role has been pivotal in enhancing the company's cybersecurity capabilities, particularly in the realms of strategic defense exercises and simulations. As of recent years, Omar A. Rivera Merced has specialized in preparing, coordinating, and facilitating cyber tabletop exercises, and other types adversarial simulations.


Cyber Tabletop Exercises: Going Beyond the Compliance Checkmark

In the realm of cybersecurity, the effectiveness of tabletop exercises often gets reduced to mere compliance rituals. Our presentation challenges this norm, proposing a dynamic, engaging approach to cyber tabletop exercises that transcends the traditional compliance checkmark.

This session will delve into innovative strategies to revitalize these exercises, making them not just a regulatory requirement, but a cornerstone of an organization's cyber resilience.

Omar A. Rivera Merced
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