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cybersecurity and biomedical technology research for healthcare


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Device Lab


Device Decisions and Timeline Dates

Pre-Con Prep

Workflows during DEF CON

Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure

DEF CON Details


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Highlights from DEF CON 31

Device Decisions and Timeline Dates:

  •  February - April 15: Discussions with Jay / Nina about the device you are bringing.

    • We try to have various devices at the village with no two being alike.

  • **Feb - August: Pre-con preparations - utilize our partners for more than just the devices you bring to DEF CON, they are here to support you

  • April 15 - May: Device Confirmations

  • May - June: Social Media Campaigning to amp up your presence (contact to coordinate efforts)

  • June 15: NMap, Manual, Reference Material, Photos, Company Cybersecurity Policy and Point of Contact sent to BHV

  • Friday, July 15: NMap, Manual, Reference Material, Photos, Company Cybersecurity Policy and Point of Contact will be added to BHV site

  • Sunday, August 4: Team starts landing in Las Vegas

  • Thursday, August 8: Device Lab setup (Feel free to bring tablecloths, hard copies of distributable product information, swag)

  • Friday - Sunday, August 09-11: Device Lab Go-Live at DEF CON


Pre-Con Preparation: 

We have close relationships with leaders in the community to ensure your devices are secure before you arrive at the Village. Please take advantage of them to know before you go:

The Biohacking Village at DEF CON is in about 67 days, which means less than 30 days of planning time. The following are important details to help smooth your journey to the event: 

Biohacking Village Time Line

Workflows During DEF CON:

  • Security researchers must review the Hippocratic Oath for Hackers and agree to the framework of boundaries and rules of engagement during and post conference engagement, signing it prior to entering the Device Lab

  • Researchers who perform testing should expect to follow the manufacturers’ published coordinated vulnerability disclosure policy and report any potential issues found.

  • Researchers will have discourse at MDM tables and can ping into the devices and perform tests

  • Researchers report to the MDMs in real time and via private discussion channels to discuss findings and vulnerability disclosures are made


People to bring: 

  • Product Team: speak to the use cases of the device in various ways

  • Product Security: speak to the cybersecurity of the device or guide if a vulnerability is found

  • Marketing: great opp to show the interaction between business development and the hacker community

  • Clinicians: explain what the device does in a medical way


Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosures:

With the quickly evolving regulations, harmonization of legislation, and timelines ahead of us, the Biohacking Village will serve as a great proving ground for device security. 

As announced last year, the Biohacking Village is a CNA and will be able to assist with any vulnerability findings and disclosures that may need to be reported during the conference. We will be available to discuss the process and internal procedures to get that done in a timely manner. 

Social Media

DEF CON Details: 

Location: Las Vegas Convention Center - West Hall
Book a Hotel:
BHV Hotel Block: 
Media Outlets: Not confirmed yet. I have asked DEF CON to keep me updated as they know more
Tickets: Need more tickets: (you will have to pick them up)


If the loading dock is required, please coordinate with us.


Social Media:

We are promoting the device lab on our website, Twitter and LinkedIn

If there is any publicity or mention you would like to have up, please let Jennifer know at


First Time at DEF CON? Want to Learn/Do More?:


Feel free to contact us with any questions or meet individually:






First Timer
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DEF CON is not a trade show conference, think of it more as the crucible of cybersecurity. DEF CON is the largest hacker conference in the world, congregating an average of 24,000 folks in one place. Each village focuses on a specific area of critical infrastructure and partners on content.

The Biohacking Village focuses on cybersecurity in the biomedical ecosystem. 

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