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We welcome self made entrepreneurs, security researchers, inventors, government regulators makers, innovators to discuss real world solutions to some of humanity’s most pressing challenges and opportunities in the areas of health, security, and technology.

The Biohacking Village runs a Medical Device Lab to improve trust and trustworthiness of the public health system. The Lab is a high-trust, high-collaboration environment where security researchers can learn and build their skills alongside patients, medical device makers, hospitals, the FDA, and others. 

Just as early computer hackers challenged the status quo to discover the forefront of computing, we dare to create our own miracles from the raw materials of biotechnology with hands on prototyping, trainings, meet and greet with Venture Capital funders, and fireside chats throughout the day.

Biohacking Village Sponsors

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Email: info@villageb.io

Registered Not For Profit: 83-3941279

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