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Biohacking Village Jeopardy
Hosted by @volock on Friday, 12November2021 at 12p Eastern
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Biohacking Village at Hack In The Box



In-Person and Virtual

Abu Dhabi, UAE (GMT +4)

Military Bioweapons Development and Information Warfare as a Combined Arms Capability (GCC Edition)
William Hagestad II
24November2021, 13:00 - 14:00 

During this presentation attendees will learn from field experience the coordinated military efforts being developed and deployed for national defense within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Region. This combined arms effect will focus entirely on military biological weapons and coordinated deployment using precise information warfare targeting to anticipate, plan for the national defense of GCC sovereign nations.

PANEL DISCUSSION: 38° C: Healthcare at a Fever Pitch
Nina Alli, Sharka, Jelena Milosevic, William Hagestad II
25November2021, 12-1300 

The bioeconomy has been at the forefront of conversation and gaining popularity as a focal point since the pandemic. As networked biomedical devices are increasingly critical to patient care, they are also notoriously insecure, with healthcare providers having struggled with these issues for several years now.

Vendors struggle to provide operating system and software library patches in a timely fashion, and if the patient decides to apply patches on their own, they risk causing the device to malfunction. Looking at devices, hospitals, and patients from different angles (nurse, military, researcher, informaticist, all security researchers), we will discuss the change over time and future state of cybersecurity in healthcare.

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