6-9 August 2020


Submissions Are Open Until JULY 1!

Medical Device CTF

Hackers work to defend a hospital under siege, racing against the clock. A realistic technical scenario within an immersive hospital environment.

Call for Competitors and Call for Devices, coming soon...


The forthcoming Biohacking Village podcast  - White Hats and Lab Coats series will give a glimpse into the work and the people behind the biohacking movement.

Biohacking Scholarship

The Biohacking Village is happy to announce our Biohacking Scholarship program. We will arrange travel and accommodation for inspiring minds from around the globe who would not otherwise be able to attend the Biohacking Village. 

Call for Scholarships, coming soon...


In 2018, the Biohacking Badges were the largest ever distribution of microfluidics technology. In 2019, with a wearable health monitor! 2020 brings a new twist to old games!

Research Competition

The Biohacking Village will host a Research Competition, highlighting new ideas in biology, biotech, healthcare security, and other fields. The top three winners will receive funding to continue their biomedical research.

Call for Research, coming soon...

Medical Device Research

Opportunities to discuss and discover issues that researchers have been looking into and tentative prospective new hires.