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cybersecurity and biomedical technology research for healthcare

Saturday, August 12 at 2:50 PM

Del de Zela

Lanteryn: Blue Energy

Our goal is to develop household or personal technologies that contain, cultivate, and regulate bioengineered microecosystems. Our self-sustaining systems are designed to offer a host of functions that solve everyday problems for people. Our debut device, a biological candle called ‘Lanteryn’, will start with the core functions of light production, fragrance generation, and insect-control. Future directions would include wearable biotechnologies, such as a “Bio-Watch” that can convey time via light color, produce odorants compatible with the user’s body scent, and generate antimicrobial substances for sanitation. Many of these functionalities are indeed innate capabilities of our chosen micro-organism. Genetic editing technologies will be employed to modify them and ensure their safety while optimizing their desirable properties. Previous attempts to utilize bioluminescent species either (1) introduced light generating genes into organisms that did not possess the physiology compatible with the energetic demand of light generation, (2) used organisms that were exceedingly sensitive to contamination or fluctuations in environmental conditions, or (3) used organisms with specialized light organs that cultivate glowing bacteria and cannot glow otherwise. The concepts we are proposing redefine the term ‘biotechnology’. Without a preceding, successful framework by which we can base our designs on, the burden of proof rests on us. Therefore, considerable time and effort must be placed into demonstrating that our vision is realistic, effective, and safe to the public. With our technology, the future is ever-glowing. 


Del de Zela is a STEM-oriented artist that seeks to redefine the term ‘biotech’; they invent devices powered by microbiology meant for household and personal uses. Del de Zela uses an array of molecular techniques to program microbes and Maya to design microarchitectures that house them.

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