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cybersecurity and biomedical technology research for healthcare

Saturday, August 12 at 1:50 PM

Edison Alvarez, 
Alex Mastrov & Matias Katz

Full Stack Vulnerability Disclosures:
Taking Transparency to the Next Level

Vulnerability disclosure is essential to securing the medical device ecosystem. Software Bill of Materials (SBOMs) will provide a complete inventory of all software components contained in a medical device, including software developed by the manufacturer and software components developed by third parties. Yet SBOMs also need to be integrated with strong vulnerability management processes. As the industry prepares for even greater SBOM visibility, manufacturers have an opportunity to take transparency to the next level with full stack vulnerability disclosures, which aim to increase awareness of potential vulnerabilities in products or applications across the entire software development footprint. This approach informs users of potential vulnerabilities in components that encompass a product at all levels, including firmware, underling systems and open source. Join this engaging discussion to learn more about full stack vulnerability disclosures, including the potential impacts to Integrated Supply Chain (ISC) security and how vendors can communicate effectively with other vendors (B2B) to further advance cybersecurity.


Matias Katz is the Founder and CEO of Byos, a simpler and more effective way to secure networks by making devices invisible.

Alex Mastrov is the Founder and CEO of Binarly, an AI-powered platform to protect devices against emerging threats.


Edison Alvarez, MBA, Senior Director, Regulatory Strategic Planning for Cybersecurity, BD

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